About Swedish Diamondtool Consulting AB

About Us

SDC AB is a Company that manufactures and sells Diamond Tools and Equipment for the Construction Industri.

The Company SDC AB is a relatively young company, but the staff has a genuine knowledge and long experience in the Diamond Drilling Industri.

We have Hagby Bruk AB to thank for almost all our experience and knowledge where most of us have had employed, some of us for over 40 years. Sandvik took over from Hagby in 2006 and after 2 years Sandvik chose to close the Department Building where we were employed. Then, we took the decision to start up your own business SDC AB. It felt right and we started in a small way with three employees at home in our own garage.

Today we have two Offices in Sweden with 10-12 employees. An engineering shop in Stockholm with 2 persons in charge of the Stockholm Market with everything from soldering to the service of Drilling Motors and Wall Saws. Our second Facility is located in Nora where we are 8-10 people are responsible for Administration, Sales and Production.

Collaboration and Partners

SDC AB chose early to start a cooperation with the Finnish Manufacturer Levanto OY in order to broaden the Product Range. ARIX Diamond Tools from Shin He Diamond Industries was a given choice as we used their tools and felt comfortable with them.

In 2013 We started a collaboration with Pentruder which meant the sale of their Machine Programs and to offer our customers a complete Service and Supply of Spare Parts in Stockholm.

In 2014, we started a partnership with MPirum to develop an advanced variant of the proven and popular HRA Drill Stand.

in 2015, we took over part of Sandvik’s Production of Core Drilling Products which resulted in the expansion of our existing Facility in Nora. Also during the year we started a project with several Nora Enterprises to resume production of the popular SAVI Saw.

In the spring of 2016 we will buy the Company Drillex AB and thus become the Agency for REFLEX Measurement Equipment in Scandinavia.

We are members of the following Professional Organizations:

FAB Association Advanced Drilling

HIB Hole Shooting Entrepreneurs

SSDL Sweden’s Slip and Diamantverktygsleverantörs Association. (thus access to FEPA)

Our Vision and our Business Areas

Customer satisfaction is our goal.
We strive to offer our customers the Best Service and the Best Products. We are proud to help our customers.

Construction: Sales, Production and Service of Hole Shooting Equipment for Concrete Holes. Everything from Wall Saws, Floor Saws, Wire Saws, Drilling Motors, Drill Stands, Wet Vacs and Diamond Tools. With our genuine know-how and broad Competence, we try to help our customers with the best Products and with Good Service.

Core Drilling: Manufacture and sale of Diamond Drill Bit Equipment for Core Drilling. Due to that all of the staff are from Hagby Bruk AB, we have a lot of experience of manufacturing Core Barrels and Core Bits, Casing Rods and Casing Bits and HD Casing Rods and Bits.

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