ARIX Diamond Saw Blades for Wall Cutting

ARIX diamond blades for wall

To get silenced, add LD after the Item Number.

Item. Nr. Diamond Saw Blade
AHX20413TW D413mm HX20TW
AHX20425TW D425mm HX20TW
AHX20450TW D450mm HX20TW
AHX20500TW D500mm HX20TW
AWX30060044 D600x4,4 WX30
AWX30060048 D600x4,8 WX30
AWX30070044 D700x4,4 WX30
AWX30070048 D700x4,8 WX30
AWX30080044 D800x4,4 WX30
AWX30080048 D800x4,8 WX30
AWX30090044 D900x4,4 WX30
AWX30090048 D900x4,8 WX30
AWX30100044 D1000x4,4 WX30
AWX30100048 D1000x4,8 WX30
AWX30120044 D1200x4,4 WX30
 AWX30130044 D1300x4,4 WX30M
AWX30140044 D1400x4,4 WX30M
AWX30150044 D1500x4,4 WX30M
AWX30160044 D1600x4,4 WX30M

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