Drill Hole Survey


The REFLEX Gyro is a complete tool for drill hole survey in all environments, magnetic as well as non-magnetic, and in all directions.

It can be supplemented with a North-Finding APS instrument.



REFLEX Ez-Gyro is a north-seeking gyro, based on the same technology as used in aerospace but now available in a simple format.

It can be used in any environment, magnetic as well as non-magnetic.

It is primarily intended for surveying of surface exploration drill holes. It can also be used for the orientation of wedges and mudmotors.


The Reflex EZ-TRAC is a magnetic borehole surveying tool.

It can be used in drill holes for exploration, geothermal wells, grouting, tie back anchors and blasting.

It can also be used for orientation of wedges and mudmotors.

The Ez-Trac will give a warning for too high magnetic interference.


The Reflex Ez-A is a magnetic borehole surveying tool with an outer diameter of 25 mm only.

It can be used for surveying A size drill holes and also for surveying geothermal wells inside the collector hose.


Maxibor III is an advanced instrument for drill hole survey in magnetic and in non-magnetic environments.

Maxibor III measures the curvature of consecutive hole segments with reflected light inside a steel tube. The instrument’s optical working method is well proven since many years.

REFLEX APS Northfinder

APS Northfinder is a GPS based instrument for the alignment of surface drill rigs.

The APS is mounted on the top of the rotation unit of the drill rig and it communicates in real time with a PDA.

REFLEX TN14 Gyro Compass

TN14 is an instrument intended for the alignment of underground drill rigs.

It is mounted on a drill rod between the rotation unit and the rod holder of the drill rig.

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